Stephen Husmann

Video Storyteller

I believe God uses video storytelling in a unique way to encourage the Body of Christ and I am thrilled that I get to make these films for a living!

Thank you for taking a look at some of my  work. I hope these examples will show a wide variety of skills through different types of projects.

How Austin Became Segregated

Documentary Short - for the city network
Director, Co-Writer, co-researcher, Cinematographer, editor, animations, Narration

This documentary highlights how several civic policies in the distant and recent past have led to a city that is largely divided along racial lines.

Our hope for this project is that there would be greater understanding and compassion for our volunteers who would be inspired to serve through different opportunities in the city.

Because He First Loved Us

short film - Austin stone story team
team lead, co-editor, co-cinematographer

I especially enjoyed working on this film because I have known Becca and her boys for many years and it was an honor to share the car ride to their adoption with them.

Like all Story Team projects for Austin Stone Community Church, this was a collaborative film. I had the opportunity to lead the our volunteer team through production and the initial edit before handing the project off to Story Team staff.

The One and Only Jesus - Propaganda

sPOKEN WORD - VERge network
Cinematographer, editor, Text Animation

Propaganda was a featured artist at one of our Verge Conferences and I had the opportunity to film a spoken word poem he wrote for the event.

I especially enjoyed creating text animations to go along with his words.

The Mountain

MUSIC VIDEO - Austin stone kids
co-writer and performer, cinematographer, editor

Before I came on staff with Verge and For the City, I had a production company with my brother. Our favorite projects were the dozens of 15-20 minute video lessons we were hired to create for the kids ministry at Austin Stone.

This music video is from a lesson on John 14:6 and a perfect snapshot of the great times we had.

This is Leadership

BOOK TRAILER - VERge network
Cinematographer, editor, Text Animation

This is an example of the dozens of instructive videos I've filmed, especially during my time with Verge Network.

For this shoot, I used had two cameras running on automated tracks while I operated the close up camera so I was able to be a one man crew!